100 thousand defrauded shareholders will appear before the end of the year

100 thousand defrauded shareholders will appear before the end of the year Such a sad forecast was recently shared by the Rating Agency of the construction complex. This will happen if the ban on carrying out construction works, introduced on 13 December, continues to apply. April. Real estate developers, unlike carpenters and engineers, do not usually bring home the tab. This has been happening for more than a month now. 1) a Tractor beam fell on the office of a construction company This has already caused a delay of two whole months. That's why the rating agency warned ominously about the "highest possible" rate of tax evasion. 2) the arrested developers will be tried for securities fraudThis should not surprise you. After all, their job was to protect the "saved" shareholders. Not to serve and multiply money, as it were, the more "rats" are built. 3) of Course, the courts will throw the developers I don't know anything about this. But the news channel says the following:: "A jury in the Southern District of New York has ordered the closure of at least three construction companies accused of fraudulently obtaining a tax refund for their clients. The decision was announced after lawyers for the construction industry submitted affidavits to the court.4) this is a very big Case! Industry experts say that this is the largest class-action lawsuit against the construction industry." This is a true report. But it is important to understand that even the biggest lawsuits are resolved by the superior court. That is why the construction industry continues to work, despite the fact that the entire country is in a month of quarantine.5) in any case, the coronavirus will be defeated by the insurance Companies This is a very strong argument. In the event of a successful prosecution of developers and owners of real estate funds, the coronavirus will be defeated by the companies they work for. the developers. Executive SUMMARY:The court has repeatedly recognized the importance of careful planning of family visits. of family income.Regularly reviewing of the required items of expenditure (including the purchase of health insurance and mortgage interest) and looking for additional sources of income.Programme of payments of compensation for property and real estate is also very important. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".